Hiring a stripper or kissogram - Frequently asked questions

How long does the performance last?

A performance is normally around 15-20 minutes in length depending on the stripper. The louder the cheer the longer the performance. So make sure you show your appreciation!  You can book a longer show if you wish to involve multiple strips and costumes.

Do you have any more pictures of the stripper?

The only images we currently have available are on the site.  We are working at adding more images to the site in future.

What do the strippers do/what is involved

Each act is different and it really depends on what you want, you will have the chance to talk to the performer on the day and make any special requests.  Contact with the stripper is down to the individual stripper involved although the recipient of the performance is guaranteed a kiss at the end of the performance.  Some whipping or even whipped cream can be involved as part of the performance. 

Can we take pictures?

Absolutely they don’t just do this for the money.  Inside every stripper is a born entertainer who loves the attention.  We would love you to take pictures and send them to us as well.


You will be contacted on the day by your performer to go through the details including meeting times and places.  We will contact you directly if there are any issues with a performer attending. If they are unable to attend for any reason then we will arrange a suitable alternative.

Cancellation and return of deposit

You are entitled to a full refund of your booking deposit within 14 days of placing a booking (the cooling off period) unless the service is to be provided within the next 14 days at which point a refund of the booking fee is at our discretion if we believe that we can fill the performance spot. Why is this? If you book one of our performers then that time and date is no longer available to be booked by other customers and potentially your cancellation may mean that the performer has missed out on the ability to work in that time slot.